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Best Quality, Our Priority

Our main purpose is to give you the BEST Quality mixes on the market, and we're successfully achieving that. Our mixes are suitable for online use on all social media platforms. Meaning you can use our mixes without any concerns. 

Download Right Away

All our music is delivered in MP3 format, and is made available for download immediately after purchase. Payments are processed securely by PayPal and you will immediately receive an email on completion of your order which will include your download link to your purchase. Please note that our mixes arrive as 1 full mix, if you need separate tracks for the mixes, contact us.


Your license is not transferable and is therefore only valid for you, that is to say the person or entity who has purchased the music directly from MGJ Workout Music. You can not copy, distribute, modify or make derivative works based on music provided here, nor can you lend it to others to either play publicly or privately without prior written consent from MGJ Workout Music.