MGJ Workout Music - Easter Show Workout Mix #39

MGJ Workout Music - Easter Show Workout Mix #39

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Easter Show Mix #39 IS READY!

Perfect choice of songs by our customers, Top Hits, latino vibes, international sounds and more! For the first time our clients made the full playlist of the mix, the result is excellent!!!

Listen to the preview:

22 songs, 56 minutes, 32 counts, 136 BPM
Available in different BPM (132-145)
*for any other BPM contact us

Thank you all for sending your songs, we really hope you enjoy the amazing sound of this mix on your classes! 
Easter Show Mix #39 PLAYLIST:

1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder
2. Flashdance - What a Feeling
3. George Michael - Careless Whisper
4. Alma - Karma
5. Sia - Move Your Body
6. Sofia Reyes, Rita Ora, Anitta - R.I.P
7. Don Patricio ft. Cruz Cafune - Contando Lunares
8. Daddy Yankee - Con Calma
9. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars
10. Katy Perry - Unconditionally
11. Stray Kids - Miroh
12. Childish Gambino - This Is America
13. Don Diablo - I Got Love
14. U2 - Ordinary Love
15. Kazka - Plakala
16. Madonna - GhostTown
17. Flo Rida - Let It Roll
18. Thalia & Lali - Lindo Pero Bruto
19. Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo
20. Montell Jordan- This Is How We Do It
21. Dave Andres - Fade
22. Reece Limonius - Love Me (Kevin Faltin Remix) cooldown

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All of the songs used in this mix are remixes of original songs, with proper consent by the artists who made them. Suitable for online use on all social media platforms.