MGJ Workout Music - Lady Gaga Workout Mix #42

MGJ Workout Music - Lady Gaga Workout Mix #42

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Lady Gaga Workout Mix #42 IS READY! 

Enjoy the best Hits by the greatest Pop Legend - Lady Gaga. 55 minutes full with her amazing voice, 19 songs from the movie "A Star is Born" and her music albums: "Born This Way", "The Fame Monster", "Joanne", "The Fame" and more.

Enjoy her beautiful songs on your classes, get this mix now! 
Listen to the preview below: 

19 Songs, 54 Minutes, 32 counts, 136 BPM
Available in different BPM (132-145) 
*for any other BPM contact us


1. Shallow (ft. Bradley Cooper) 
2. Always Remember Us This Way
3. Born This Way
4. Poker Face
5. Paparazzi
6. Alejandro
7. Applause
8. Bad Romance
9. Perfect Illusion
10. The Cure
11. Judas
12. Marry The Night
13. Just Dance
14. Telephone (ft. Beyonce)
15. The Edge Of Glory
16. You and I
17. I Will Never Love Again
18. Hair
19. Million Reasons (cooldown)

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All of the songs used in this mix are remixes of original songs, with proper consent by the artists who made them. Suitable for online use on all social media platforms.