MGJ Workout Music - Romanian Hits Workout Mix #24

MGJ Workout Music - Romanian Hits Workout Mix #24

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Enjoy the amazing sound of the Romanian Hits Mix #24 

The Best Traditional & Modern Romanian songs in one mix! Enjoy the unique and powerful sound and feel the extraordinary Romanian vibe. In honor of 1 December, the Romanian National Day, share it with your friends. I would like all of you to have this amazing mix! 

20 Songs, 55 Minutes, 32 Counts, 136BPM
Available in different BPM (132-145) 

Listen to the preview here: 

Romanian Hits Mix #24 Tracklist: 
1. Gojira & Liviu Vasilica - Fir-ai tu sa fii de murg
2. Sofia Vicoveanca - Asta-i hora mare
3. Nicolae Gribincea & Ansamblul Plaie?ii - Hai Mai Dor
4. Irina Rimes, The Motans - Cel Mai Bun DJ
5. Voxis - I Just Wanna
6. Carla's Dreams - Sub Pielea Mea
7. Elena - Your Captain Tonight
8. Antonia - Jameia
9. Corina,Mira, Skizzo Skillz - Fete Din Balcani
10. INNA - Rendez-Vous
11. Geo Da Silva, Sean Norvis - I Wanna Feel Love
12. Speak ft. LLP - Te Fac Un Dans
13. O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei
14. Sasha Lopez & Andrea D Ft Broono - All My People
15. Faydee - Habibi Albi (ft. Leftside)
16. Mandinga - Zaleilah
17. David DeeJay - Sexy Thing (ft. Dony)
18. Havana - Vita Bella
19. Maria Tanase - Trenule Masina Mica

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All of the songs used in this mix are remixes of original songs, with proper consent by the artists who made them. Suitable for online use on all social media platforms.